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The "Straight 2 the Heart's Pray God's Promises Online Training" is presented by Straight 2 the Heart Ministry. It is a hands-on discipleship experience divided in Level 1 (Part 1 and Part 2) as well as Level 2 (7 Phases) which will allow you to turn Scripture into prayer in a way that you are connecting your story to Jesus’ story – moving from "information about God’s Word" to "applying God’s Word in your heart and mind."


The current online training offered via Discord is for you to be able to take the ---- training ONLY.

(1) Level 1/Part 1 includes 9 sessions.

(2) Level 1/Part 2 includes 9 sessions.


Each of the 18 sessions of Level 1 will be divided into two different areas:

(1) PRE-WORK: This area will include the work to be done BEFORE the discord live meeting on Sundays. Hence, the PDF files and YouTube videos must be worked on before every live meeting. Also, any question must be emailed to admin@hiddenhalf.org


(2) DISCORD LIVE MEETING: This area will include the practical part of the training. Hence, it will be divided into the live prayer practice (during the meeting) and the prayer partner practice (in private after the live meeting)



(1) The PRE-WORK section will have the option of being done at the person's own pace.

(2) The DISCORD LIVE MEETINGS, which will include prayer and discipleship practice, will be happening every other Sunday.


The Discord live meetings will happen every other Sunday starting -------, 2022.

(1) YouTube Video Presentations: In your own time.

(2) Hand's On Prayer Practice: Every other Sunday until completion of Level 1 (Part 1 and Part 2) through Discord

     via the S2H Server.

(3) Prayer Practice with Prayer Partner: In your own time.


The training is organized and will be facilitated by Vanesa G. Esteche, official volunteer of the Straight 2 the Heart Ministry. Please, contact her via admin@hiddenhalf.org


The server invitation will be sent to the person once the application is reviewed.